Intimacy in the Distance 微觀 ‧ 遠望


Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre


Touched by Romance 浪漫.觸動


Touch Ceramics, Tai Kwun



Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan

​日本信樂陶藝之森  創作研修館



On the Road 2015 - Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists


24/10-7/11/2015  Guan Shanyue Art Musem, Shenzhen 


On the Road 2015 - Nomination Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists (Dalian)

在路上・2015-中國青年藝術家作品提名展 (大連展)

15/1-20/3/2016  Zhongshan Art Musem, Dalian 



A Print Dialogue 版話 

13-19/6/2014  Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre


Printmaking is a kind of visual language. Like dialects, the varieties within this art form are interrelated yet independent. Through this exhibition, artists from diverse backgrounds reveal to us their worlds through an engaging conversation of prints.






Tabula Rasa 白色印記

20/7-18/8/2013  G17 Gallery, Macau


Tabula Rasa, meaning blank slate in Latin, theorizes that humans are born without mental content. It is only through experience and perception do they accumulate knowledge. Diego Velázquez once painted Sibyl with Tabula Rasa, depicting a prophetess scribbling on a board, as if foretelling and documenting an unknown future only to be understood by oneself.

Our exhibition Tabula Rasa, through the process of creation and the resulting artwork, picks up on our intent to “foretell” and “document,” proposes that we break from the hullabaloos of life, and instead quietly listen to our inner selves, so as to allow our minds to experience a state of purity, before anything becomes a solid imprint in our minds.

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Presence in Clay 陶情密意 

5-17/1/2009   Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre


Slowness in pottery making is an antidote to fast pace city life.
Through exploration with one's hands, "objet d'art" that provides
relief is created in the process. The exhibited art piece is
simultaneously private yet public. It bespeaks the artist's story, yet
how the story may end is irrelevant. Perhaps, the ability to perceive
an inner essence is of greater importance?