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"Memories are intangible and fleeting. 

With the help of ceramics, my memories get a more tangible representation.

Through copying and recreating, I know more about myself."

Creamy Mami turns Topsy Turvy

Creamy Mami is a surreal piece of artwork featuring a pre-adolescent girl, whom by divine intervention receives supernatural powers that can allow her, at any time by a whisk of her magic wand, become a glamorous, mini-skirted Pop-star! Beyond its immediate “everyday-little-girl-turns-princess” message, I always wondered why Creamy Mami was represented in such a way. Are the objects shown actually that far away or are they mere illusions? 


Instead of making an exact replica of an object, I decided to reduce the animation to its most primitive appearance. Cartoons often come in gray-tones printed on newsprint. By taking the color out of the entire picture, I return Creamy Mami to its most basic form. While light will cast a natural shadow, I decided to play with the animators’ notion of light and shadow and distorted the scene further by artificially attaching 3-D “shadows” to my figurines. 


Perhaps in this form, memories will not be as fleeting and intangible. With the help of clay, my memories of childhood get a more physical representation.


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